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ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AND CONTROL, ONLINE ANALYZERS Physical Property Analyzers - Viscosity, Vapor Pressure, Boiling Point, Distillation, Cloud Point, Flash Point & Color / Opacity / Haze Analyzers.
McCROMETER, U.S.A. Advanced Differential Pressure Flow Meter, for Liquid, Steam or Gas media with high accuracy.
Instrumentation Fittings & Valves Instrumentation Fittings: Double & Single ferrule fittings, Pipe fittings, Valves - Needle, Ball, Relief, Check, Double block & bleed valves, Sunshades, & Instrument enclosures in SS, Duplex, Monel, & Other Exotic Materials.
DATA LINK INSTRUMENT-FRANCE Online Water Analyser based on UV spectroscopy for High reliability and low maintenance for Ammonia, COD, Nitrate, Chromium VI,- Chlorophyll A, Hydrocarbons, Fluorescent Tracers, Phosphate, & PH.
H2SCAN-USA Portable and Online Hydrogen Analyzers to measure Hydrogen Concentrations as low as 15ppm. Suitable to detect hydrogen concentration upto 100%
OTHER PRODUCTS Solenoid valves, Instrumentation tubing’s, Pressure switch, Pressure transmitters, Temperature switch, Temperature transmitter, & level measuring meters.
TRELLEBORG HARBOUR MARINE, AUSTRAILA Quick Release Hooks, Docking Aid Systems, Environmental Monitoring Equipment, Integrated Mooring & Docking Systems for Ports.
TRELLEBORG MARINE SYSTEMS (FORMERLY FENTEK), SWEEDEN High Performance Marine Fenders: Super Cone, Cell, Parallel Motion, Unit Element and Arch Fenders. Modular, Extruded Fenders, Pneumatic & Rolling Fenders, Cylindrical & Foam Fenders Bollards and Safety Ladders
DESMI RO-CLEAN, DENMARK Oil Spill Response Equipment - Booms, Skimmers, Floating Tanks, Responder Boats, Beach Cleaning Equipment, Vacuum System and Tankers.
BUITENDIJK TECHNIECK, NETHERLANDS Ship to Shore Access Gangway Systems
MANULI RUBBER INDUSTRIES – ITALY Marine Hoses - Floating and Submarine Hoses
RESINEX -ITALY Buoys Light Buoys, Mooring Buoys, Elastic Beacons.
ISGEC, INDIA. Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Reactors & Columns.
SENIOR FLEXONICS PATHWAY, U.S.A. Expansion Joints - Metallic and Fabric Types.
TITANIUM TANTALUM PRODUCTS LTD., INDIA Electrodes / Electro-Chlorinator Systems, CP Anodes, Piping & Fabricated Equipment in Exotic Materials such as Titanium, Zirconium, Tantalum etc.
PENTAIR FILTRATION & PROCESS , U.S.A Advanced Filtration Systems for Upstream Oil & Gas Installations, Power Plants, Natural Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Processing Plants
PIPE SUPPORTS – U. K. Constant & Variable Effort Spring Supports, Pipe clamps and ancillary equipment, Dynamic restraints, Steel works, Turnbuckle load cell, High Density Polyurethane foam, Cryogenic load-bearing insulation Etc.
SAMI BLIND, KOREA Blind Valves -
GUICHON VALVES, FRANCE Special Customized Valves for High Viscous Service Fluids - PE / PP / Refining Plants.
WOODFIELD SYSTEMS, INDIA Tanks, Truck And Wagon Loading Arms
GAYTRI, INDIA Hoses- Rubber, Stainless Steel, Thermoplastic, PTFE(Teflon)/Composite,
BERMAD FIRE PROTECTION Deluge Valves and Fire Protection Systems